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Statistical Modeling
Program Evaluation

Statistical Consulting, Training, and Data Services

Gain insight from your data

Want to know how well your program or initiative is working for the people it serves?

Benefit from my experience quantifying educational outcomes at the classroom, school district, and state levels. 

Need to know more about data analysis, statistics, or statistical programming?

Learn from an experienced and successful university instructor and corporate trainer.

Have you noticed patterns in your data and wondered whether they’re meaningful and actionable?

Distinguish signal from noise! Find out how data modeling can explain or predict outcomes.

Over my career, I've used my expertise to ensure the success of projects ranging from the seasonal adjustment of U.S. economic time series to evaluation of educational programs. My experience teaching statistics and research methods helps me communicate effectively with statistical novices and experts alike.


Statistical modeling: Linear, generalized linear, and hierarchical modeling; psychometrics; Bayesian methods; time series analysis

Statistical programming: R expert

Survey methodology: Survey design, sampling and weighting, scale development and validation

Training: Developing and teaching courses for students and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds

My publication credits include The R Journal, the Journal of Research in Science Teaching, and the International Journal of Forecasting. My bachelor’s in engineering is from MIT; my master’s in applied statistics is from the University of California, Santa Barbara; and my doctorate in measurement, statistics, and research design is from the University of Washington College of Education.

About Kellie Wills, Ph.D.

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